I work with kids all the time and as much as kids don’t like school it’s tough to convince them to work hard while there.  I wasn’t a fan of school either but I was wise enough to know I shouldn’t get lower than B’s.  I did bare minimum to be an average student when I could’ve been an above average student.  School isn’t for everyone but below is a letter I received from a parent asking me to give a bit of motivation to their son.  It may not be the most positive way to look at things but it’s what helped me at that age.


If you recall, this summer my wife and I challenged our son (insert any name) to hit B Honor Role at school in order to attend your school in the Spring.

He is not living up to his end of the bargain, so if you get a few minutes can you reply to this email with your words of encouragement to get him to prioritize school more?

I’d really appreciate it as he looks up to you as a role model (and is still reading your book).

Take care and I hope you are doing well.

Best Regards,

Parent’s Signature
My response to there child,

You have to realize something first.  Going to school is only a small portion of your life but what you learn there is a foundation that you’ll have forever.  You’ll be graduating high school in 5-6 years and then hopefully College in 2-4 years after that.  At the most, it’s 10 yeas of school and at the least, 5 years of school.  Your working career will be up to 40-45 years.

So, the moral of the story is work hard at school even if you don’t enjoy it because your future depends on it and even though it seems like it’s going to take forever to get out it really isn’t long at all.

I was hoping to see you down here this spring but if the grades don’t come up then I agree with your parents…you shouldn’t be allowed to come to Florida among other things.  No phone, no instagram etc…  Those time consuming items are taking away from things that matter most.

Good luck and hope to see you on the water soon my friend!

Keith St.Onge 

15 x US National Champion
13 x World Championship Gold Medalist

I had the pleasure to go to Rapid City, South Dakota and barefoot water ski with the Mortimer and McGrath family the first week of June.  While I was there KOTATV came out and shot a bit of video.

Too see the news clip click on the link below.

Keith St. Onge in the Rapid City, South Dakota news

It was a pleasure to be able to teach people of all ages during my visit to Rapid City, South Dakota.

Here is a quick clip of me on the KEVN news.

KEVN Black Hills Fox News with Keith St. Onge

Keith St. Onge wakes up early for a Sunrise Invert Behind the boat:  Photo Credit: Jake Snider of Jake Snider Films

Keith St. Onge wakes up early for a Sunrise Invert Behind the boat at the World Barefoot Center.
Photo Credit: Jake Snider of Jake Snider Films

Root Balance, LLC was recently bought by my wife Lauren St. Onge.  This is a lady who calls me a “sucker” for anything a salesman explains to me.  I always love to listen to what people have to say.  I’m blown away at the sales pitch, the delivery of the message or simply how creative the person is with their words.  I’m not one to be overly creative with my words in my vocabulary but I love to listen to people’s tallents!  Regardless of the message, it comes down to the product.  Is it quality, does it work, how long will it last and/or what benefits will it have on my life and the environment?

Tourmaline infused - Rood Balance Bracelet

Tourmaline infused – Rood Balance Bracelet

The first thing anyone does is think about the benefits the product has to offer.  Directly after that the first thing that comes to mind are the negatives.  This is human nature and instinctual.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a way of protecting ourselves and others around us.

The Balance Test?  Does it work, is it a myth or is it a scam??  This is a simple test to show people the benefit of negative ions.  What are negative ions?  I’ll get to that in the next paragraph.  Like anything in this world there are scammers in everything!  People will always try to make a quick buck whether it’s ethical or not.  Many have been fooled by people not doing the balance test properly.  The balance test is done by standing on one foot and holding your arms straight out while resisting the “push down” on the arm from the tester.  The scammers push on two different parts of the arm causing leverage to act in their favor.  So obviously, if I push on your wrist you’ll fall over and if I push on your elbow you’ll be stronger or have better balance.  If I push straight down over your elbow and then push inward on the same place you’ll also be more balanced.  This is NOT how the test is to be done.  The tester should push down in the same spot with the same pressure.  It’s not easy to be the tester and it takes a little practice.  I can honestly say the Root Balance bracelets have been tested to have over 3,000cc’s of negative ions, which helps this test.  Other bracelet manufacturers put under 1,000cc’s of negative ions in the bracelet making them much weaker.  At one time a company was caught putting no negative ions in the bracelet and then doing the balance test improperly.  This is when the scammers gave negative ion bracelets a bad name.

How do they work?  Negative ions clears the overly populated positive ions in the air.  For example, a negative ion attaches itself to a positive ion, let’s say something similar to dust in the air and makes it fall to the ground or floor.  This cleans the air in which is cleaner to breath.  The negative ions also help your body directly.  Tourmaline is a mineral (rock) that has a high natural output of negative ions and alpha waves.  This mineral is crushed into a power and then put into the Rood Balance bracelets.  Since there are so many positive ions in this world today such as, lights, fumes and more pollutants the negative ions help our body become more stable.  Stable in the sense of better blood circulation, flexibility, endurance or less joint pain, headaches, stress and the list goes on.  Everyone will experience something different but the result will be positive.

Tourmaline infused - Root Balance Bracelet

Tourmaline infused – Root Balance Bracelet

There are several testimonials on the Root Balance website with people testifying they have had some sort of a positive result.  Some examples are migraines going away, sleeping better and less inflammation and swelling.  Try it for yourself or feel free to call Root Balance and ask questions about the product.  Root Balance is in business for the wellness of others and you can be comfortable buying this product knowing that.

Keith St.Onge




And you think your job gives you HEADACHES?

World Champion Keith St. Onge taking a crash, which is part of the job!

I thought it would be fun to have a “Caption This” contest for a FREE book that Karen Putz and I wrote.  The book shares many stories about my career and the life lessons I learned along the way.  Since my first ski school was called Gliding Soles, that is what we decided to name the book.  This book isn’t about barefoot water skiing but the journey I took to becoming a true champion in life.  Mistakes, medals and motivation is a good description of the story in the book but more importantly it’s about failing and how to overcome those times in life.  Everyone can relate to that.  The downloadable version can be found HERE if you click this link.

I added in over 100 comments from Facebook to the picture above.  The caption on the photo is the one that won by Bob Cullum.  I had so many more I really liked but I had to pick a winner.  Enjoy the humor!!


It has been extremely exciting here at the World Barefoot Center this week.  We have had the pleasure of working with Devin Graham AKA Devin Super Tramp for the Vooray apparel shoot.  Where Live.Ride.Play is the Vooray moto.  Devin has an amazing talent for filming those type of videos and that is why VooRay and Devin work with one another.  As a young kid he would take his parents camera and use them until they were destroyed. Over the years he has taken his filming to a new level and is the most popular guy on YouTube.com.  It is quite possible you have seen one of his videos and not realized it.  I highly recommend checking out some of his work but this is one of my favorite ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B36Lr0Unp4

Keith St. Onge cutting outside the boat wake holding a back foot hold while Devin Super Tramp video's

Keith St. Onge cutting outside the boat wake holding a back foot hold while Devin Super Tramp video’s

The past 3 days the WBC crew has been ready and working before sunrise.  We skied two locations used 3 boats, a jet ski, and a plane…not a boat but a plane!

Keith St. Onge barefoot water skis behind a plane!

Keith St. Onge barefoot water skis behind a plane!

The toughest morning for me was having to hear Devin say, “Just one more.”  After the 10th time off the roof he continued to say, “One more, I just need one more angle.”  I would reply, “Whatever it’s going to take to get the shot right, I’m in!”  I think David Small and I jumped a total of 25 times and I’m sure it’ll be worth it.


Dave and Keith jumping off the dock and roof for the 25th time.  Bottom right is Devin Graham doing a little meditation before we finish up : )

Dave and Keith jumping off the dock and roof for the 25th time. Bottom right is Devin Graham doing a little meditation before we finish up : )

One of my favorite parts of the day was capturing Ben Groen barefoot water skiing through the canal!

Ben Groen doing a one foot through the canal!

Ben Groen doing a one foot through the canal!

We had the pleasure of teaching Devin and Todd the CEO of Vooray how to barefoot waterski, with limited time these guys truly amazed us, with their natural ability and determination to accomplish the task of barefoot waterskiing.

Todd Nyman, CEO of VooRay

Todd Nyman, CEO of VooRay

Devin Graham aka Devin Super Tramp Barefoot Water Skis for the 1st time!

Devin Graham aka Devin Super Tramp Barefoot Water Skis for the 1st time!

Devin stayed an extra day in order to shoot the plane scene.  It is unbelievable footage!  We are beyond excited to see what Devin and Todd from VooRay creates.  The video is due to come out in June.  Keep an eye out for it!

The World Barefoot Center crew with Devin Graham

The World Barefoot Center crew with Devin Graham

L-R, Devin Graham, Keith St. Onge & Todd Nyman

L-R, Devin Graham, Keith St. Onge & Todd Nyman

1996 World Championship:

At the age of 18 Keith skied in his first World Championship held in Fergus Falls, MN in 1996.  Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.  He qualified to ski in the second round in all three events (slalom, trick and jump) and took 7th Overall.

Keith St. Onge waving to the crowd in his 1st Slalom Finals

Keith St. Onge waving to the crowd in his 1st Slalom Finals

1998 World Championship:

In 1998 Keith moved to Florida for the winter and trained for the World Championship in Sydney, Australia.  He won his 1st gold medal in Slalom and took 3rd Overall.  Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2000 World Championship:

In 2000 the World Championships went back to Fergus Falls, MN.  Keith did not place in the top three in the individual events but took Silver Overall.  Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2002 World Championship:

In 2002 the Worlds were held in Wallsee, Austria.  Keith was favored to win the Overall.  He took Gold in Slalom, Silver in Tricks and Silver Overall.  He came up short to the young David Small from England that surprised everyone with his talented skiing.  Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2004 World Championship:

In 2004 the Worlds were in Mulwala, Australia.  Keith won the Bronze in the Slalom and Trick events.  Keith was favored to win the Overall title once again but came up short to David Small.  For the third time in a row Keith won the Silver in the Overall title.  Frustrated and depressed on coming up short for the Gold Overall medal St. Onge changed his life habits and set out on a quest to win an Overall Title before it was too late. Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2006 World Championship:

Keith trained harder than he ever had one year prior to this tournament and suffered a back injury that almost changed the outcome and stopped him from competing.  This event was held in Adna, Washington.  Favored to win once again the pressure was immense.  After the first round of the jump event Ketih’s back injury resurfaced.  The team masseuse (Charlene Portman) kept Keith’s back function-able to carry him through the tournament.  Keith went on to win the Gold in the Slalom event, Gold in the Trick event and his first Overall Title earning him the Gold.  This was by far Keith’s best performance setting World Records in every (3 rounds) round in the tricks event.   Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2008/2009 World Championship:

Coming off his first Overall Title in 2006 Keith teamed up with past coach Gary “Swampy” Bouchard to train for the Word Championship in Otaki, New Zealand.  With an incredible trick routine put together by coach Swampy, Keith was the first skier to trick over 12,000 points in history.  Keith won Gold in Slalom and Bronze in the trick finals.  Keith won his first medal (Silver) in the jump event and won the Overall Title for the second time.

Keith St. Onge winning his 2nd Overall World Title with L-R, Team Coach Lee Stone, KSO with close friends Adin Daneker & Ryan Boyd

Keith St. Onge winning his 2nd Overall World Title with L-R, Team Coach Lee Stone, KSO with close friends Adin Daneker & Ryan Boyd

2010 World Championship:

Brandenbourg, Germany was the location of the 2010 Worlds.  Keith and David Small merged their barefoot water ski schools to create the World Barefoot Center.  They trained with each other under the wing of Coach Swampy and began skiing as friends but still harsh competitors at the tournaments.  Keith took Gold in Slalom and Tricks while David Small took Gold in Jump and Overall.  It was a clean sweep for the new business partners and a big win for the business.  Keith was a member of the winning USA World Team that earned a Gold in the Team Overall.

2012 World Championship:

Waco, Texas hosted the 2012 World tournament and it was another show down.  Keith won the Gold in Slalom and Tricks while David Small won the Gold in Jump and Overall.   Keith also won the Silver medal in the Overall title.  Keith was a member of the USA World Team that earned a Silver in the Team Overall.  This was the first time in twenty six years team USA did not win the Gold Team Overall.

2014 World Championship:

The worlds were held in Mulwala, Australia for a second time.  David Small put a personal best slalom score of 19.8 on the board in the 1st round.  Keith skied next and also put a personal best score on the board of 21.1.  The next event was jumping while Keith put a 25.4m jump up his first round David Small came back with a 26.5m jump putting them dead even for the Overall going into the tricks event.  David put a near perfect run together matching his world record of 12,150 points.  Keith bobbled on his first trick while the rest of his run quickly disintegrated.  He fell early in his second pass and posted low score up.  It was to low to make the semi-final round, which meant he would no longer be able to fight for an Overall medal.  The only thing he could do was focus on winning the gold in slalom and try to medal in the jump event.  Jump is Keith’s weak event but he had put many training hours into this event over the past few years.

Keith won the slalom event and jumped a personal best distance of 26.6m/87.3ft to put the pressure on world jump record holder David Small.  David fell short on his last jump giving Keith his first World Championship Jump Title and 13th career World Championship Gold Medal.  David Small won the trick and overall while Keith won Slalom and Jump.  This meant a clean sweep for business partners David Small and Keith St. Onge as well as for the World Barefoot Center Ski School.

Winning this jump title made Keith St.Onge 1 of 4 men to have ever won all three events at a World Championship. Others being, Brett Wing, Mike Seipel & Ron Scarpa.

2014 Jump Finals: 1st Keith St. Onge, 2nd David Small, 3rd Ben Groen. A World Barefoot Center sweep

2014 Jump Finals: 1st Keith St. Onge, 2nd David Small, 3rd Ben Groen. A World Barefoot Center sweep

2016 World Championship:

The Blue Moo in Alma Center, Wisconsin will host the 2016 Worlds.

Great Barrier Reef

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I have always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef and finally had the opportunity while doing a Barefoot WaterSki clinic in Cairns, Australia.

My wife and I decided to take a few days off and go snorkeling on the boat called, Reef Magic. We were both disappointed we didn’t have our scuba diving license. We promised if we ever made it back out we would get certified.

The reef was as magical as everybody says it is. The different species of fish and the array of hundreds of colors were amazing!

Here are a few pictures of us and the most wonderful fish they call Wally.





My wife made fun of me because I wanted to get married on the beach with a sunset in the back ground. I figured she would also love it but she would’ve preferred getting married on a vineyard on the West Coast.

Either way, the point I want to bring up is how sunsets make people think about life. We gravitate and flock towards them like seagulls on the beach.

When I see gorgeous sunsets I have fun and weird thoughts like: Why are we here on earth? How can I be so lucky to witness this? The beauty makes me wonder how people could think this magnificent sky decorated with hundreds of colors was caused by a “Big Bang?” I’m sure many other people have thoughts similar but to be honest sunsets never gets old to me.

Memories are made & thought of with sunsets in the back ground. They are most likely the most photographed thing in the world! My wedding pictures had the sunset in the background.

Sunsets slow time down and allow us to live within the moment. It let’s us appreciate the beauty this world has to offer us. We can relax at the end of the day and take a moment to breath at the end of a busy day. More importantly, sunsets allow me to appreciate this awesome world and gift we have. That GIFT is what I call life. It’s not to be taken for granted and the people that do take it for granted don’t appreciate the little things that make life so wonderful.

By: Keith St.Onge


Tommie Copper

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Tommie Coper

Tommie Copper

One of my students (Karen Putz) at the World Barefoot Center that co-authored Gliding Soles and became a good friend of mine came across a water skiing video while flipping channels one morning. She caught the words, “Water Skiing Accident.”  It was a story about Tom Kallish (owner of Tommie Copper) hitting a large submerged log just under the surface of the water while water skiing on a lake.

He was injured quite badly from the impact and his knees were most effected.  Tom had been doing some research on health benefits from copper.  He knew of a company that could infuse copper into yarn and it instantly sparked an idea.  He had the copper infused in the yarn and made a few knee sleeves that he would wear when going to bed.  This seemed to help his recovery and he decided to make a few compression wear items with the copper infused into the yarn/material and Tommie Copper was established.

Karen tore her ACL and immediately ordered a knee sleeve to quicken her recovery.  After wearing the sleeve most of her pain and aches went away.  She then explained Tommie Copper wanted to come down to the ski school and do a story on her.  I was blown away at the opportunity and then told Karen about my tennis elbow I was suffering from for several months.  She contacted Tommie Copper and they immediately sent me a few elbow sleeves down to try.

Tommie Copper woman's knee sleeve

Tommie Copper woman’s knee sleeve

To be honest I was skeptical about the product.  I thought it was a good idea to infuse copper into the compression wear but didn’t think it could make a difference.  I did however own and wear a magnet bracelet my mom gave to me and I did experience benefits from it.  Here is a funny story about how I know.

When I wear the magnet bracelet and have a few glasses of wine I don’t feel it much.  If I get up and walk around I also have good balance and don’t feel the alcohol.  If I have a few glasses of wine without the bracelet on I instantly feel a buzz and when walking around my balance isn’t nearly as good as, if I had the bracelet on.  Everyone will react slightly different but it’s good proof to me it works.

Tommie Copper Mens Elbow Sleeve

Tommie Copper Mens Elbow Sleeve

I began sleeping with the elbow sleeve on at night.  The first morning I woke up my elbow wasn’t stiff and achy.  It wasn’t healed by no means, but I had relief and that was enough to sell me on the product.  When I’m in pain every morning, a little relief can go a long way!  I kept massaging my arm everyday and all day as I was doing that before the elbow sleeve came in.  I kept wearing the sleeve and the stiffness in the morning never came back.  If I didn’t wear the sleeve, my elbow would be stiff in the morning.

After that I tried the knee sleeve as my left knee was sore once in a while and it also helped the ache go away.  I moved onto wearing the shirt when my back was stiff, the compression shorts when my hips were stiff and so on.  Being a professional barefoot water skier at the age of 36 can take a toll on your body!  I practically live in Tommie Copper wear and I guess I can say, “I am Tommie Copper.”

I was fortunate to meet Tommie Kallish when he came down to the ski school this past spring.  He loves hearing stories on how his product helps others, but what stuck out to me was his generosity to the people around him.  He is genuine and it shows in his personality.